Ted Brambleby Talks

June – July / Sept / Dec / Jan 2015-2016 School Holidays
at the Marine museum of Natural History Hastings Point

Ted Brambleby Marine Biologist from the Marine Environments Field Study Resource Centre presents a series of Marine Biology presentations and the plight of our planets oceans

“Seascape” North Star Holiday Resort ,Hastings Point N.S.W.

Tuesday 1.30pm Thursday 5.30pm Sat 1.30pm


Small entry fee applies per person

We look forward to showing you our amazing museum. A combination of a wide range of preserved marine and coastal and live specimens presented so as to learn some significant points of interest about the importance of biodiversity on our planet

All sessions are strictly for 7 years and up and all children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult

Bookings are not essential but advisable at Seascape reception


Phone 02 66 760817 for any enquiries



Comments about our museum


Anne Lang “Very enlightening,fascinating and very special. Thank you”

Maree Engvig “Absolutely marvelous,very educational”

Heidi Radford “Awesome setup.Great experience and eye opener”