Rocky Shores


“Tide pools are indeed another window to the reality of nature .”


The Hastings Point Rocky Shore is a quiet sheltered unique, littoral environment. With its myriads of tidal pools, classically stepped platform, crevices and rocky faces it is an ecosystem of fascinating variety for the study of both habitat, abiotic and biotic factors as well as biodiversity.

Student programs may include studies of classification and identification, indicator organisms in regions classically represented, symbiotic relationships, predator-prey relationships that can be studied both quantatively and qualitatively, crypsis and cave dwelling habitat studies, food web compilations, rock pool and ecological niches as well as behavioural and anatomical adaptations.

Stratification and the wonderful world of micro communities can be investigated first in the field and then studied in forensic detail under our stereo microscope to big screen projection back at the museum.


In addition an extension of shallow sub littoral reef with its labyrinth of life rich gullies and small lagoons provides ideal opportunities for students with the most basic of snorkeling skills to engage in exciting, simple yet highly significant underwater investigations. All equipment can be supplied to safely implement such activities.

As an option for teachers, habitat specific worksheets are available for all field encounters on request and our own ID sheets are used on all field encounters.


Wallum Heathland

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Single striped winkle