Coastal Relic Forests

1) The Coastal Relic rainforest is dominated by the Tuckeroo. It abuts the dune system associated with the headland. It is protected from the ocean and the rest of the dune ecosystem by a steep hind dune interface so it is relatively free from interference.

2) Dry sclerophyll forest –a pristine three tiered high ancient dune that supports a well developed dry eucalypt forest dominated by the brush box Tristania confertus. This forest has a rich biodiversity of other eucalypts, low shrubs and sedges.

Its immediate integration with the mangrove ecosystem makes the ecological investigation of this forest highly accessible.

Reptiles such as Monitor lizards, macropods such as the Red coastal wallaby, Carpet snakes, Bandicoots and a plethora of bird life benefit from the closely linked nature of these associated coastal environments.


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