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Deep into the estuary

At the Rocky Shore


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Adventure Education and NRA Services proudly associated with
North Star Holiday Resort

HASTINGS POINT Northern NSW Australia


Your complete Day Visit and 1-3 night Field trip program, Accommodation and Catering facilitation service

For all enquiries Phone 0402 549 655 Email: nraservices@bigpond.com

Our programs

Guided Day Visits and 1-3 night camps for :

· Senior Biology Year 10-12

· Senior Geography

· Senior Marine Studies

· Senior Earth and Environmental Studies

Guided Day Visits and 1-3 night camps for:

·  Primary school Ocean and Biodiversity studies

·  Photography groups

·  Art classes and groups

·  Bird watcher clubs

·  Scuba divers and Snorkel groups

  • International School camps

Museum presentation sessions for:

·  All school groups

·  All nature lovers groups

·  Special Interest groups e.g. University of the 3rd Age, Probus Clubs, Rotary groups etc,

Day visit or 1-3-night retreats:

·Women connecting together retreats

·  Time out (Disconnecting to connect in nature)


Turning knowledge into insight and insight into action is our ongoing mission.

The Adventure Education enthusiastic team of Teachers and Marine naturalists will ensure your stay is educational, informative and fun.

The ECOSYSTEMS we study and Investigate

Rocky Shores, Mangroves and Estuary, Beach and Sand dunes, Temperate forest, Wallum heathland

“The complete field trip facility at your fingertips!”