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Adventure Education and NRA Services proudly associated with
North Star Holiday Resort

HASTINGS POINT Northern NSW Australia


Your complete Day Visit and 1-3 night Field trip program, Accommodation and Catering facilitation service

For all enquiries Phone 0402 549 655 Email: nraservices@bigpond.com

Ted Brambleby BSc Marine Biologist is the founding director of Adventure Education. For the past 45 years his goal has been to immerse students into the wonders and the miracle of the marine environemnts.Together with NRA Services using a multidimensional approach to education and a philosophy that true education happens through active participation in the environment and not limited to the classroom, thousands of young stewards have gained a true insight and a deeper appreciation of our human connection to and absolute reliance on the ocean and its fringes.Ted has won several awards for his dedication to teaching.

Experience the most comprehensive and unique Marine Museum on the eastern sea board of Australia with over 200 hundred preserved and dried marine specimens. Interactive education sessions combined with the fascinating experience of stereo microscope projection  of live specimens to big screen television goes beyond the knowledge you will will learn. You will be inspired to lighten your carbon footprint and to make a difference in our collective efforts to preserve our ocean planet home.

We look forward to working with all schools transitioning to the new syllabus in Biology/Earth and Environmental Science/Marine Science and Primary Schools units of work. We can facilitate great outcomes from vital and engaging fieldwork using the knowledge and experience of our team in working with the local environments.

For all enquiries Phone 0402 549 655 Email: nraservices@bigpond.com

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Turning knowledge into insight and insight into action is our ongoing mission.

The Adventure Education enthusiastic team of Teachers and Marine naturalists will ensure your stay is educational, informative and fun.

The ECOSYSTEMS we study and Investigate

Rocky Shores, Mangroves and Estuary, Beach and Sand dunes, Temperate forest, Wallum heathland

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